Junior Champs – 6th

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An early start is the best gift parents can give their children in this era of competitiveness. Through a stimulating classroom environment and high levels of student engagement, the Pinnacle Program empowers students to build on their own learning styles. In doing so, the curriculum actively supports discussion-based learning and hands-on activities, and embeds innovative approaches to learning across all subjects. In addition, the co-curricular activities and service initiatives are integral to student life, nurturing self-aware individuals who are responsible towards themselves and the community.



  • Students moving from 5th to 6th





  • Language: Hindi, English
  • 3-4 lectures per day
  • 6 days a week,
  • 500+lectures in class
  • 1000+lectures for one hour each
  • The detailed course captures the essence of knowledge which is not even touched in the school curriculum.
  • Being familiar with the exam helps students stay calm and composed. Which in turn helps them score much better.
  • Olympiads act as the perfect checkpoint for students to access themselves on a national and international level.
  • The olympiads covered are-
    1. NSO (National Science Olympiad)
    2. IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)
    3. NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)
    4. IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad)
    5. NSEP (Physics)
    6. NSEC (Chemistry)
    7. RMO, PRMO (Mathematics)
    8. NSEA (Astronomy)
    9. KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna)
  • We shall cover the olympiads with a lot of focus on making this process of learning a holistic experience.
  • Vyas app will help students stay constantly in touch with teachers, watch lectures anytime, ask doubts and take tests.




  • Lecture Wise Mini Sheets & Online Assignments
  • 20 questions for every lecture
  • 20000+Questions for regular practice
  • Chapter Wise Question Bank for further polishing and refinement
  • 200 questions in every Question Bank
  • 20000+Questions for Chapter-Wise Practice
  • 4 Terms of 2 months each, 4 tests per term, Total: 16
  • Each term having tests on alternate Sundays,
  • 2 Part Tests , 2 Cumulative Tests, 2 Cumulative Tests.



Testing plays a very important part in just starting out in the world of study of science. The tests are well spaced and well placed and boards, and olympiad pattern tests shall be taken.

This change from the regular school curriculum to the problem solving and critical thinking based coaching system helps students develop as students and scholars more than anything else.


The students who start early grow fast with the system and by getting introduced to the special coaching curriculum. They start getting the hang of examinations to come very early.

This puts them ahead of their peers. The overall development that students get during their time here is unprecedented and the foundation of a very successful student career is laid.



  • Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)
  • Quantised Sheets
  • Modules
  • Board Sheets
  • Memory Maps
  • Revision Sheets
  • Online Test Series
  • Board Practice Tests



  • Daily Problem Practice Concept Building Tests – Online Chapter Wise Subjective Tests of Board Syllabus (Online)
  • Objective Tests (Online)
  • Revision Tests (Online)
  • Weekly tests
  • Board Pattern Tests (Online)








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