Junior Champs – 10th

  • Course level: All Levels


This year, the students take their board exams and decide which stream they want to pursue for higher studies.

Question solving skills come up as a tool that helps students gain an advantage over their peers in the final examination.

Critical thinking and logical reasoning based approach towards questions are usually ignored by schools and thus the first year is solely devoted to that purpose.

Students get enough time to unlearn the wrong practices which they had caught in their time during school and get on with learning new useful skills.

The most important part of the preparation, overall, is again the complete all around development of the students with the help of bringing the best of both worlds- school and coaching together into one holistic program.



  • Students moving from 9th to 10th



  • Language: Hindi, English
  • 3-4 lectures per day
  • 6 days a week
  • 500+lectures
  • 1000+lectures for one hour each
  • Olympiads act as the perfect checkpoint for students to access themselves on a national and international level.
  • The olympiads covered are-
    1. NSO (National Science Olympiad)
    2. IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)
    3. NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)
    4. IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad)
    5. NSEP (Physics)
    6. NSEC (Chemistry)
    7. RMO, PRMO (Mathematics)
    8. NSEA (Astronomy)
    9. KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna)


  • What makes this course better than any other course is that we do not just teach students mathematics till class 10. Up till class 10th. Students have already studied some 25% of their syllabus for competitive exams. Mathematics is also taught up to a slightly higher level.
  • We shall cover the olympiads with a lot of focus on making this process of learning a holistic experience.
  • Vyas app will help students stay constantly in touch with teachers, watch lectures anytime, ask doubts and take tests.
  • Testing plays a very important part in preparing for competitive exams. The tests are well spaced and well placed and boards, mains, and advanced pattern tests shall be taken


  • Lecture Wise Mini Sheets & Online Assignments
  • 20 questions for every lecture
  • 20000+Questions for regular practice
  • Chapter Wise Question Bank for further polishing and refinement
  • 200 questions in every Question Bank
  • 20000+Questions for Chapter-Wise Practice
  • 4 Terms of 2 months each, 4 tests per term, Total: 16
  • Each term having tests on alternate Sundays,
  • 2 Part Tests , 2 Cumulative Tests




Being the last class of secondary education in India, this year holds special importance. The overall critical thinking and problem solving. JEE and NEET are right over the wall after this year.

Classes 9th and 10th have a syllabus that is a rough prerequisite of classes 11th and 12th, respectively.

We at Vyas start with teaching the basics of class 11th and 12th shortly after the students start to get the hang of the concept based studies. The whole benefit of starting sooner than the crowd lies behind learning how to solve questions better than everyone and to be able to complete the syllabus and revise effectively.



  • Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)
  • Quantised Sheets
  • Modules
  • Board Sheets
  • Memory Maps
  • Revision Sheets
  • Online Test Series
  • Board Practice Tests



  • Daily Problem Practice Concept Building Tests – Online Chapter Wise Subjective Tests of Board Syllabus (Online)
  • Objective Tests (Online)
  • Revision Tests (Online)
  • Weekly tests
  • Board Pattern Tests (Online)






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